Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Systems Daddy's Eye v2.10

Smartphone spy software "Daddy’s Eye" let you record voice calls and SMS in complete stealth mode.
All recorded activities can be transferred by three modes: directly to your phone by SMS, to your E-mail or to your Daddy’s Eye account.
You can get access to the account by any computer via internet.
Also phone geolocation marked on map at Daddy’s Eyeaccount.

The Spy Phone Software Features :
recording incoming/outgoing SMS silently
recording incoming/outgoing voice calls silently
using memory light AMR format
minimal number of settings
remote control by SMS commands
no beep recording (not all smartphone models supported)
automatic transfer intercepted SMS and calls directly to your E-mail or via HTTP to your Daddy’s Eye account
phone geolocation marking on map
hidden mode: there will not be shown up in the installed apps folder or tasks list
autostart after phone rebooting
PIN code protection
How Spy Phone Software Works
Download the spy phone software "Daddy’s Eye".
Install "Daddy’s Eye" on the phone. You are to be the owner or authorized administrator of the device you wish to install the software onto.
Enter your e-mail address in settings
Set prefered Internet Access Point
Hide the application.
Thats all. You got the spy phone now.
Note: [b]the application starts uploading any intercepted events in 60 seconds user inactivity

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