Friday, April 18, 2008

PC-Telephone 6.0-Make phone and fax calls over Internet,LAN

PC-Telephone 6.0Make phone and fax calls over Internet, LAN or ISDN. The next generation of PC-to-Phone/Fax calling is now available! Make calls anywhere in the world using your computer. Works with all Firewalls, NAT and LAN routers· Worldwide destinations· Low international calling rates· Exceptional audio quality· No connection or monthly fees· No expiration time· Track calls and account balance· USB phones supported-- PC-to-PC : Make unlimited FREE PC-to-PC calls over Internet.-- PC-to-Phone/Fax : Call regular phone and fax numbers from your PC over internet.-- Phone/Fax-to-PC : PC-Telephone turns your PC into ISDN telephone and fax machine.PC-Telephone® is a powerful communications software application that enables you to exploit the full communications potential of the Internet and public telephone networks ISDN/PSTN.PC-Telephone turns your computer into Internet telephone, ISDN telephone, fax machine, answer phone, voicemail, file transfer and much more >>Use PC-Telephone to make:-- FREE PC-to-PC calls over Internet-- Cheap PC-to-Phone/Fax calls over Internet-- PC-to-Phone/Fax and Phone/Fax-to-PC calls over ISDN

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